In the midst of financial struggles, a prayer from NeedPrayer became my anchor. Unexpected opportunities arose, turning my situation around. Grateful beyond measure.

David P.

Battling addiction seemed impossible until praying became a source of strength.


Strained relationships were mended through the power of prayer. It’s like a bridge was built where there once was a gap.

Emily B.

Feeling lost in my career, praying brought clarity and direction. Now, I walk a path aligned with my purpose.

Jessica W.

Anxiety held me captive until someone prayed for me. A newfound calm replaced the chaos within, and I am incredibly grateful.


Addiction was like this never-ending chain, making me live a life that just didn’t feel like mine anymore. I was desperate to break free, so I kinda reluctantly tried praying as my last shot. Surprisingly, those prayers were keys that unlocked the chains holding me back. Every prayer felt like this heavy weight lifting off, and suddenly, I just felt free. The whole recovery thing proved that having faith in God, praying, and being real about my struggles is the best way.


I was betrayed by a really close friend of mine and couldn’t shake the feeling of unhappiness and rejection. I started chatting to somebody from NeedPrayer. They just prayed a simple prayer with me and and my whole perspective shifted. Thank you!


I was lost, but praying helped me find a way back. Thank you, thank you!