Who We Are

Need Prayer is a passionate, non-denominational Christian initiative established in 2022 with the firm conviction that prayer has the power to transform lives.

Emerging from diverse backgrounds, our team shares a common vision and belief – that no matter someone’s circumstance, prayer ushers in God’s supernatural grace, healing, wisdom, and hope. We have witnessed it firsthand.

We have a clear vision in mind – to make personal prayer accessible to individuals worldwide. We aspire to be a beacon of hope, connecting individuals with the transformative power of prayer and fostering positive change in people across the globe.

If you want more information on the organisation managing this initiative, please go to www.globalprayer.co

What We Do

At Need Prayer, our mission is simple yet profoundly powerful. We provide an inclusive opportunity for everyone, irrespective of their church affiliation, faith background, or absence of faith, to connect with a prayer partner ready to pray with them about their needs.

How it works is straightforward – you can engage with us through a call, chat, or by submitting a prayer request form. When you reach out to Need Prayer, someone will be waiting on the other end to actively listen and sincerely pray with you.

It’s that simple! Tell us your story. Ask boldly and trust completely. Let us intercede for you as we witness God’s compassion ushering in breakthrough. That’s what Need Prayer is all about!

What We Believe

God Is Our Father

There is one true God, the Creator of all things. He is our Father and we do not have to work for His acceptance but only receive His love through faith.

The Way To God Is Through Jesus

Jesus is the Son of God. He became human and he died and rose for us, to redeem us to the Father. He ascended into heaven and left us the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us.

We Are All Deeply Loved

God loves all of us unconditionally. We are unique and significant in His eyes. More importantly He has called us into a personal relationship with Him.

Prayer Changes Lives

Prayer is the way to communicate with God. Prayer is accessible anywhere, anytime by yourself or with others. Prayer is powerful and has the potential to transform our lives.