Prayer Works: Join Our Network of Support, Share Your Needs

Dear friends, we witness profound issues across this world daily. The burdens people carry – anxiety, poverty, broken relationships – can feel crushingly heavy. It’s a tragic reality that afflicts every corner of the globe, chipping away at human dignity.

And yet, amidst the darkness, I’ve seen the transformative power of hope shine through. Time and again, I’ve witnessed seemingly impossible situations transformed when faith-filled prayer is unleashed. When we join together and lift up our needs with bold, believing hearts, amazing things happen.

Introducing Our Prayer Team

That’s why I’m so excited to share about Need Prayer – a unique platform for you to tap into the transformative power of communal prayer. No matter your need – whether physical, emotional, financial, or relational – you can submit a prayer request at Simply share your burden, and our committed team of prayer partners will lift up your need before the Throne.

Through this divine connection, we enter into a communion of hope, healing, and breakthrough together.

Your Story Matters to God

Too often, we try to grit our teeth and go it alone, suppressing the need to connect. But you were never meant to walk through life’s struggles isolated and uncovered in prayer. God longs to draw you into intimate fellowship with Himself and His family of believers. He desires to carry your burdens and fill you with supernatural comfort, peace, and power. And He’s made a way through the profound gift of communal prayer.

What is that need that lies heavily on your heart today? What is that deep longing or impossible situation that you struggle to find hope in? Whatever it is, your story matters profoundly to our Heavenly Father. He has promised “never to leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). He is a good God who lovingly attends to the cries of His children.

So bring your needs to our team. You can submit requests online or even contact us via phone or live chat to have one of our prayer partners pray with you in that moment.

Join our prayer support network.

Let Us Pray With You

If you’re ready to experience the transformative power of united, faith-filled, fervent prayer, we’re here for you. Visit today to submit your prayer requests or contact us via phone or live chat. Our team is ready to join you in crying out to our Heavenly Father for supernatural hope, comfort, and answers in your situation.

We can’t wait to witness the miracles and victories as we storm the gates of heaven together through prayer!