Introducing Our Team: Meet Devon

Welcome to our new Need Prayer blog series! We are excited to launch a new series where we introduce the incredible team behind our mission. Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the dedicated individuals who stand ready and waiting to pray with and for those in need. Stay tuned as we bring you closer to the hearts and minds of our team members, starting with their personal introduction blogs. We hope these stories inspire and connect you with the people who make Need Prayer a beacon of hope and faith. 

This week, meet Devon!

A Life of Faith: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Ministry

My name is Devon Garvie. I was born on the 18th of May, 1993, more than a month and a half before my due date. As a result, I had many health complications in the early stages of my life, including problems with my lungs.

A Grandfather’s Commitment

My grandfather made a commitment to God that if He allowed me to live, then he, my grandfather, would do everything he could to introduce me to God as early as possible. He sent me videos, tapes, cassettes, and books. I was preaching to my schoolmates at the age of 4! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has always been at the center of my life, but I have occasionally pushed it to the side. However, the Lord has enabled me to overcome depression and anxiety, and I am eternally grateful to the wonderful people He has brought into my life.

Ministry Involvement

I have been involved in children’s and youth ministry for nearly 2 decades. I worked for 3 years as a youth pastor, including a year as a children’s pastor. I create daily devotions which get sent to over a hundred families around the world, and I minister to people from all walks of life on a daily basis.

I am always in awe that the Lord would use a lowly person like me, full of mistakes and flaws, to touch people’s hearts and impact their lives. What an amazing God we serve!

Devon, one of our prayer partners.

Joining Need Prayer

I am at Need Prayer because the thought of being able to pray for people on a daily basis is extremely exciting to me. I believe the Lord has given me a gift of connecting with people and connecting those people to Him, so this really is a God-given opportunity to work for the Kingdom. I have had several occasions where a prayerful encounter with someone has fundamentally changed their lives for the better, and I want to be a part of more and more such moments.

The Importance of Need Prayer

I believe that the idea of Need Prayer is both revolutionary and incredibly simple in its approach. I firmly believe that it is sorely needed, as many people do not know where to turn when things get out of hand. They might be worried about being vulnerable and getting uncomfortable, which is why Need Prayer is such an important tool in that people can choose to be anonymous when they request prayer.

Furthermore, if we can involve more and more churches, our reach will only increase, and more and more people will be connected to the Lord in ways that churches simply cannot do. My hope personally is that my wide array of contacts around the country will allow more and more people to contact us with their prayer requests, and then recommend us to their families and friends.

Looking Forward

It is an absolute privilege to be a part of Need Prayer. I am extremely excited for what the future holds and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us as a team and for Need Prayer as an organization. Glory to God!

To get in touch with Devon, submit a prayer request.